TDD FYI: Why Inventing Is Better Than Winning The Lottery - 06 / 9 / 15



It’s not uncommon to dream of wealth and riches. Whether you’d spend your days traveling the world in your private jet, or simply giving back to those less fortunate, we all have a bucket list of ideas that we’d surely pursue if the financial means were there.

For many people, the idea of being wealthy seems to be attainable only if you are lucky. For example, maybe you’ll win the lottery or hit it big on a game of blackjack at the casino. But before you go and throw your money at the lottery in hopes of achieving wealthier standards in life, you may want to consider how that money would be better instead used for investing in an invention idea that you have.

In fact, here are some reasons why inventing is better than winning the lottery.

It Is Your Idea

Let’s say that you are someone who wins the lottery. You will win a lot of money, and that will be great. Unfortunately, the downside is that people will always look at you as the person who came into wealth based off luck and chance. However, if you invent something and become wealthy, people will look at your in a more respectful and admirable way. While you may think that money is money and your riches will help you not care what others think, the truth is that mindset probably won’t last long. Therefore, turn your mindset towards making an idea come to life, and you’ll think the taste of victory is much sweeter than that of just winning the lottery.

business-interiors-knowledge-generations-at-work-1It Will Last Forever

You’ve probably heard the horror stories of lottery winners who blow their money in just a few short years, only to end up back where they were in the first place. How does this happen? It’s typically because people who come into wealthy quickly do not know how to manage their finances properly. On the other hand, when you invent an idea or start a business, you understand what it’s like to struggle to succeed. While there are some stories of quick success, most entrepreneurs have heard enough “no’s” and “get out’s” that every penny is still incredibly valuable. That’s why they will work to preserve the money for as long as they can.

In addition, business can be passed from generation to generation. After all, look how guys like Henry Ford and John Rockefeller created legacies that their families still bask in today. This is much more likely to happen if you are creating your destiny through invention, versus someone who just became rich thanks to the lottery.

Your Odds Are Better

Finally, the truth is that your odds may simply be better if you put your efforts towards inventing instead of the lottery. Maybe you don’t hit the jackpot and come up with a billion dollar idea like Facebook or Twitter. But if you came up with an idea that at least makes you a substantial amount of money each month, most people would probably happily take that. Your odds are higher to achieve that than they are to win the lottery.

Winning the lottery would be cool, there is no doubt about it. But being wealthy due to success and achievement is better any day of the week.