Top Dog Speaks to Houston Inventors Association (HIA) - 02 / 13 / 15

Dan MacFarlane inventor, world class skateboarder and Steve

Dan MacFarlane inventor, world class skateboarder and Steve

On Wednesday February 12, 2015  Top Dog Direct was invited to speak to the Houston Inventors Association  (HIA).  I had just been in Austin for our Speed Pitch and drove 3 hours to Houston’s Bayland Community Center.  There was a very large turnout of over 50 inventors.  I set up my table of Top Dog successes and told about how they fit into the 7 criteria we look for in the ideal “As Seen on TV” product.  Everyone was so friendly and gave me big Texas welcome.  The group was also quite sophisticated as many of the group have long track records of inventing and patenting experience.  I spoke and took questions for three hours.  It was not tiring, but energizing to see so much interest and enthusiasm.  The spark of ingenuity and entrepreneurship is alive and well in Texas.  Otto Glaser and Ken Roddy run a fine group indeed.  I even met a world class skateboarder and inventor Dan MacFarlane.

Again doing your homework is one of the most important aspects of product development.  On this trip we found an inventor very far along in a project, but failed to do simple Google searches that would have uncovered similar products in the marketplace.  Not that it would necessarily preclude it from consideration, but inventors need to be keenly aware of what is out there.  Far too much emphasis was apparently placed on the expensive patenting process and not on the novelty of the idea itself.

We all have ideas that are driven by problems we encounter, but have we created a unique and breakthrough way of solving it?  That is the question for successful inventors.  In our case that is not enough, is the problem being solved so important that it would “compel” a TV viewer to run to the phone or the internet to to buy it?  That is why it is so hard to find TV products, but by sticking to our strict criteria for success we are able to have a much higher success rate at Top Dog.  That works in favor of Top Dog to maximize our time and resources, and more importantly, it frees us up to go “all in” on the projects and maximize the inventor’s opportunity when we have a hit.  Above all I stressed the three things that make up the Top Dog Direct difference, we are inventor friendly, we are focused on our strict criteria for success and that we had major blockbuster results for our inventor partners.  That has become more than clear with our latest blockbuster success of the BeActive brace for back pain.  It is the number one product in the “As Seen on TV” space on TV and at the larger marketplace at all the major mass retailers.  It all starts with a a great product!

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Top Dog Table of success.

Top Dog table of success.


Warm texas Welcome from the HIA

Warm Texas Welcome from the HIA