Top Dog Direct nominated as “Marketer of the Year 2014” by the DRMA - 07 / 28 / 14


Top Dog has been lucky enough to be recognized by our peers as a nominee for Marketer of the Year.  As opposed to the other trade association for our industry, the DRMA (Direct Response Marketing Association) is not controlled by one or two very large corporate interests, the DRMA is truly a group of our peers.  We really appreciate the nomination.  When Erica and I were filling in the information sheet after we received our invitation, I thought what we wrote would be interesting to our product inventors, finders and developers.   It wraps up in a nutshell what we do and why a person might entrust “their baby” to us.

Directly from the application:

“What do you believe are the top three reasons for your company’s success during the past year? 

1. We are very selective when it comes to picking products. We concentrate on a few products a year and execute them exceptionally well.
2. We are willing to explore new categories. For example, Tag Away and Night View NV were areas that are competitors passed on. In the case of BeActive, we were the first to introduce Acupressure to a wider audience.
3. At Top Dog Direct, we get our inventors and developers intimately involved in all aspects of launching their products. They know their products best!

Briefly describe – in 100 words or less – your company’s accomplishments in the DR industry in the past 12 months:

We successfully launched Night View NV and BeActive Brace. These 2 products will help millions of people with their problems of night driving and sciatic pain. At Top Dog Direct, we are all about helping customers solve REAL problems. Top Dog is off the chain and always on the hunt for new products.”

That last part also captures our ethos and why we picked “Top Dog” as our name.  We want to be super serious about our business, but we don’t mind having good humor and a good time along the way.

Bye for now,