Florida Inventors’ Speed Pitch is a Success - 06 / 20 / 14

We had a great response to our outreach to inventors in Florida on June 17.  It was held at the studio of Hutton Miller in Boca Raton, Florida.  With over a hundred inquiries and about 20 presentations of products, and I think we found a new item.  And that is what it is all about.  New products are our lifeblood.  What was most striking about the submissions was that some of the inventor had not done their homework.  I can’t stress that more strongly.  Inventors need to do some searching on the internet to see what is already out there.  Need to go to the stores that sell products in your product category to see what is on the shelf and the price points.  It vitally important to do so.  Not only does it a great use of time, but it prevents needless expenses on projects that can go nowhere.  Also it clears the path to move on and find the real hit, but it also may confirm your hope that you really have something special.  Even with our rejections we always provided guidance on other venues that they could sell the product, perhaps QVC or HSN, a catalog or an internet campaign or even a manufacturer or license prospect.  Some of the ideas were just ideas and others were products well along the path to market.  What’s is key to Top Dog is to find that “rare bird” that is a potential for a TV hit product. By sticking to the criteria outlined under “Services” at the website, we increase our probability of success on TV.

We had several members of the press in the audience from print and TV enjoying our antics as our “sharkless tank” panel reviewed the products.  We were there to find product and to provide helpful guidance, but not at their expense for a TV audience.  One thing I can say is that I like the people that I work with and we had a good time at the venue and away as well.  A reporter could immediately pick that chemistry up and thought we should have a reality show of it.   I am very happy with our “A team” of Erica, Bill and I and also sitting in on the panel was John Miller of Hutton Miller.  One of, if not the most successful producers in DRTV history.  His on the fly web research skills helped several inventors to know that they were not alone with their products and well as his encyclopedic memory of  past DRTV hits and misses guided us all as well.  Thanks to Hutton Miller for providing the location.



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Notice Erica has found the real “Top Dog” that was brought in by one of the inventors.

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