TDD FYI: Common Characteristics Of Inventors - 04 / 15 / 15


For years, teachers and mentors scolded me for my vivid and, what they considered to be, outlandish imagination. Ironically, that all changed the moment I became successful as an entrepreneur. It was then that these people realized that my brain worked a different way, and my ability to harness it lead to my success.

This sort of story is very common for many inventors and entrepreneurs. The truth is that it takes a special way of looking at life, as well as a unique set of characteristics, to consider yourself an innovator and creator. In fact, here are some of those common characteristics of inventors.

Creativity And Innovation

You may think of Leonardo Da Vinci as one of the most celebrated artists of all time, as he has countless paintings on display throughout Europe. And while Da Vinci certainly will never be forgotten as an artist, he should also be recognized for the many inventions he also brought to the masses.

Da Vinci’s story goes to show that inventors are those who have creative and innovative minds. They see the world in a different way, and can find alternative solutions to other people’s problems. If you continually find yourself seeing things differently than others, it may not be that you are wrong, but instead that you simply found an alternative way of being right.

Passion And Desire

There has never been an entrepreneur who was only “sort of” passionate about what he or she did. That’s because there are too many other sharks in the water that are out for blood, and they’ll be happy to take your place in line if you aren’t eager to get it for yourself. This is why inventors have to be passionate about what they do, while also carrying the desire to complete their projects. After all, just imagine how different things would be if Ben Franklin had the idea for the light bulb, but never went through with it. If you plan to be remembered for your creations, then you’ll need to have the passion and desire to make it as such.

Unbreakable Relentlessness

Winners never quit, and quitters never win. That might be a saying that your old basketball coach drilled into your head, but it’s also applicable in the world of inventions as well. Just as there has been a handful of brilliant inventors throughout history, there has been an overwhelming amount of detractors and disbelievers. Because of this, entrepreneurs can never take no as an answer, and they have to be relentless no matter what.

A Bit Of Luck

At the end of the day, everyone could use a bit of extra luck. Even if you have the best idea for a product, a golden idea for marketing, or a lot of money for research and development, you’ll still need to have a bit of luck for your invention too. The inventors who have made the biggest impact on civilization had to have luck on their side, otherwise it would’ve been a luckier person in their place.

Inventors are commonly breaking the mold, so it’s difficult to stereotype many characteristics that they share. However, the ones on this list are certainly part of the foundation that any inventor should have if they want to be successful.