BeActive Brace Inventor Celebrates at Top Dog Headquarters - 01 / 15 / 15


Akiva and Bill celebrate the team's success with BeActive!

Akiva and Bill celebrate the team’s success with BeActive in the Club Room at the Top Dog Headquarters

Erica in the "Club Room" taking notes on Akiva's new invention.

Erica in the “Club Room” taking careful notes on Akiva’s next blockbuster invention.

Akiva at Trevose office

Akiva outside our Trevose , PA office

On January 15, 2015, Akiva Shmidman, the inventor of the BeActive brace came to visit the team at Top Dog Direct.  A variety of nutritious pastries were provided for all.  We discussed how his passionate pitch last year at our Speed Pitch event in Philadelphia became a TV commercial six weeks later,  the ride for all has been amazing.  The best of all the product really works and millions are feeling relief because of what Akiva invented and  invested so much time and in his revolutionary product.

He had tried to sell it on his own, but when he met Top Dog, we immediately recognized that it was a TV star and Akiva was an awesome partner to work with.  At that event Erica felt immediate pain relief, and our As Seen on TV rocket ship was launched for all of us.  It is such a pleasure to write substantial royalty checks to such a great inventor and family man such as Akiva.  He was involved from the product sourcing, design work and even at the tv shoot.

The product has had an extraordinary amount of media spent,  taking it to the number #1 spot on both the IMS and Jordan Whitney tracking services.  It is experiencing great success as a major hit retail item at mass retailers at thousands of locations across the country for many years to come.  What a great moment and celebration of American ingenuity!

In 2015 we resolve to redouble our efforts to pick only the best items that fit our strict criteria, so that our use of  resources has the highest probability of success for our inventors’ time and efforts.  To quote John Miller, “If doesn’t  makes dollars then it doesn’t make sense.”

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